Become a Concussion Legacy Champion

What is a Concussion Legacy Champion?

Concussion Legacy Champions are concussion safety ambassadors who have taken the next step in their advocacy by engaging in additional commitments beyond those of a Concussion Legacy Captain. 

Every Concussion Legacy Champion receives a one-of-a-kind T-shirt and special recognition on our website. 

Concussion Legacy Champions Shirt Full

How do you become a Concussion Legacy Champion?

Concussion Legacy Champions are ambassadors who have done all three of the following:

  1. Committed to becoming a Concussion Legacy Captain and given the Team Up Against Concussions speech to their team. 
  2. Taken our Concussion Captains Quiz and post about the quiz on social media with graphics like the ones pictured here. 
  3. Fundraised $100 or more for CLF. 

Learn more about the three components of becoming a Concussion Legacy Champion below:

Captains Social Posts

Commit to becoming a Concussion Legacy Captain

Concussion Legacy Captains are CLF ambassadors committed to achieving our vision of concussion safety without compromise. Captains will give the Team Up Against Concussions speech to their sports teams every season to set the tone that no athlete with a concussion should return to play before their brain is ready. 

Every Concussion Legacy Captain gets a free Team Up Against Concussions wristband and Captains' card to help them give the speech that could save a season, a career, or even a life. 

Take our Concussion Captains Education Quiz

Beyond giving the Team Up Against Concussions speech, Captains can help keep their teammates safe by learning more about concussions, the signs and symptoms of the injury, the risks of playing through a concussion, and what to do if they or someone on their team may suffer one. 

The Concussion Captains Education Quiz is 20 questions and takes roughly 15 minutes to complete. The quiz teaches as it goes and is a great supplement for any Concussion Legacy Captains’ concussion safety toolkit. 

Fundraising for CLF

Fundraising is the final step to becoming a Concussion Legacy Champion. Raising money for CLF helps us reach more people through our education, patient services, and military programs long into the future. 

New to fundraising or not sure where to start? Our development team is here to help you design fundraisers and campaigns that are aligned with your interests and reach your goals.  

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