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Fundraising for CLF

Fundraising is the final step in becoming a Concussion Legacy Champion. Raising money for CLF helps us reach more people with our education, patient services, and military programs long into the future.

New to fundraising or not sure where to start? Our development team is here to help you design fundraisers and campaigns that are aligned with your interests and reach your goals. 

Ways to fundraise for CLF

There are many different to fundraise for CLF, but the best way is in the way that is most authentic to you. Here are some ideas for how to rally your network to support you:

  • Share your “why” – Sharing exactly why concussion advocacy is important to you with your friends and family on social media, in an email, or at a gathering is a tried-and-true way to fundraise. 
  • Complete a fitness challenge – Participating in long runs, hikes, bike rides, endurance challenges, or anything that shows your commitment to our cause is a great way to show your dedication to our cause. Set your fitness goal, tell your friends and family what you’re up to, and ask for their support!
  • Host a tournament – Whether it’s for flag football, video games, cornhole, or golf, tournaments are a great way to bring people together to have fun, compete, and support a cause. Pick your activity, set a date, draw a crowd, and ask supporters to donate to your efforts. 
  • Fantasy sports – Play fantasy sports? Consider donating your winnings to CLF or including a donation to CLF in the entry fee.  

Ready to start your fundraiser? Click here to start your own fundraiser for CLF using Classy, our fundraising platform. 

Need help getting started? Email CLF Development Coordinator Doria Josma for one-on-one support with our campaign at

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