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Concussion Game Plan, an official podcast from the Concussion Legacy Foundation, is designed to help patients and caregivers navigate acute concussion recovery. The top experts in the field lend their expertise to help guide you through the concussion symptoms you can expect, how long they may last, and how to best manage them. Each episode also features advice from someone who has suffered a concussion and handled the ups and downs of recovery. Concussion can be an isolating, confusing injury. Concussion Game Plan is here to help, and remind you, you are not alone.

Concussion Game Plan is hosted by CLF CEO Dr. Chris Nowinski and produced by Julia Manning and Brandon Boyd. Subscribe to Concussion Game Plan on the following platforms:

Check out detailed descriptions for each episode:

E1: Concussion 101 w/ Dr. Robert Cantu and George Abunaw

CLF co-founder and medical director Dr. Robert Cantu, one of the world’s leading experts on concussion, joins us to explain what is happening inside the brain during a concussion (2:40), what to do after you think you suffered a concussion (7:15), and busts some common myths about concussion (17:00-22:00). Former Boston University soccer player George Abunaw also shares his experience recovering from a concussion his sophomore year at BU and offers advice and hope for those currently in recovery.

Listen to Episode One here.

E2: Physical Symptoms of Concussion Pt. 1 w/ Dr. David Dodick and Carla Ciccone

Dr. David Dodick, Director of the Sports Neurology and Concussion Program at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, and, join us for a two-part series on the physical symptoms of concussion. In part one, Dr. Dodick explains why concussion patients can suffer from headaches, dizziness, and nausea and how he treats headache patients. Toronto-based freelance writer Carla Ciccone shares how her concussion symptoms affected her physical and mental health. 

Listen to Episode Two here.

E3: Physical Symptoms of Concussion Pt. 2 w/ Dr. David Dodick and Carla Ciccone

Dr. David Dodick, Director of the Sports Neurology and Concussion Program at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, and Toronto-based freelance writer Carla Ciccone return for episode three of Concussion Game Plan. In this episode, Dr. Dodick explains why concussion patients can experience visual symptoms, sleep symptoms, and light and noise sensitivity. Dr. Dodick also shares his advice for caregivers of concussion patients. Carla shares how she learned the power of rest through her recovery and gives a message of hope to those struggling.

Listen to Episode Three here.

E4: Emotional Symptoms of Concussion w/ Dr. Christina Master and Noah Abrams

Dr. Christina Master, a pediatric sports medicine specialist and co-director of the Minds Matters Concussion Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) explains why emotional symptoms after concussion are common, how they manifest, how she treats them, and what parents can look out for. Noah Abrams, a professional soccer player in the USL Championship, shares his experience with emotional symptoms after a concussion he suffered playing at Northeastern University, and his advice for anyone struggling with their mental health. 

Listen to Episode Four here.

E5: Cognitive Symptoms w/ Dr. Dan Daneshvar and Isaiah Osborne

Dr. Dan Daneshvar, a brain injury physician at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, joins us to break down the cognitive symptoms of concussion, such as memory loss, trouble concentrating and issues with speech. Along with Dr. Daneshvar, you’ll hear from former college football player Isaiah Osborne about his cognitive issues post-concussion and what adjustments he’s made to focus on his brain health. 

Listen to Episode Five here

E6: Return to Learn w/ Dr. Brenda Eagan-Johnson and Giuliana Calia

Dr. Brenda Eagan-Johnson is a brain injury education specialist who supports students as they return to the classroom following concussion. She joins Concussion Game Plan to share the challenges students may face returning to learn and provides best practices for parents, teachers, and administrators. Giuliana Calia spoke about the challenges of returning to college following a concussion and gave tips to students struggling with the return-to-learn and work process.

Listen to Episode Six here

E7: Return to Play w/ Dr. Barry Jordan and Julia Scoles

Dr. Barry Jordan is the Chief Medical Officer of Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center in Downey, California. Dr. Jordan has decades of experience returning athletes to the field after concussion. On this episode, Dr. Jordan explains why the return-to-play process is so important, how an athlete’s symptoms should guide them, and much more. College beach volleyball player Julia Scoles has suffered multiple debilitating concussions in her career. She joins the show to share what she’s learned to do and not to do in the return-to-play process.

Listen to Episode Seven here

E8: What if your symptoms don’t go away? w/ Dr. Robert Cantu and Esther Lovett

In the final episode of Concussion Game Plan, CLF co-founder and medical director Dr. Robert Cantu rejoins the show to answer one of the hardest questions in the recovery process: what if the concussion symptoms just won’t go away? Dr. Cantu gives his advice for tackling the realities of Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) and provides hope for brighter days ahead. Esther Lovett lives with PCS and shares her wisdom for adjusting to life in ways that allow her and her brain to be at their best.

Listen to Episode Eight here

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