Team Up Speak Up

Team Up Speak Up

The goal of Team Up Speak Up is for as many athletes as possible to hear a simple speech. The core message: athletes have a responsibility to tell a team leader if they notice concussion signs in a teammate.

The Team Up Speak Up Speech should come from a coach or team leader at the beginning of an athletic season. Whatever role you play, you can help us change the concussion culture and improve concussion reporting. Take the pledge to give the speech or bring Team Up Speak Up to athletes in your community.


Team Up Speak Up


How to Participate

Learn how to bring Team Up Speak Up to your community with these printable illustrated guides:

Coaches | Athletes | Athletic Directors | Athletic Trainers | Parents | Organizations

Giving the speech is easy! All it takes is a copy of the speech and a cell phone to capture it all on video. Check out these examples:

Share #TeamUpSpeakUp on Social Media

We can’t change concussion culture without your help. We need athletes across the country to hear the #TeamUpSpeakUp speech and learn to speak up to a coach or athletic trainer if they see a signs of a concussion.

Make sure to record your coach or team leader giving the Team Up Speak Up speech! Share the video on social media using #TeamUpSpeakUp and tag the Concussion Legacy Foundation on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Team leaders: take charge of your concussion culture

A positive concussion culture means athletes feel comfortable speaking up about concussions in themselves or a teammate. Make sure your team hears these core principles of the Team Up Speak Up Speech from a coach, athletic trainer, or team leader to set a positive concussion culture:

Point 1: We're a team, and teammates look out for each other.
Point 2: A teammate with a concussion needs your help.
Point 3: I expect you to speak up to a coach, athletic trainer, or team leader if you suspect a teammate has a concussion.

It's a simple message, but the Team Up Speak Up Speech has the power to save an athlete's season, career, or even their life. Learn more about the origins of the Team Up Speak Up Speech and why it works, click here.

Athlete Concussion Reporting Reasons

Click here learn the top ten reasons why athletes don't report concussions, and how to address them with your team.

Speak Up: Concussion signs and symptoms

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or by a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth. It is a serious injury that requires medical attention; athletes should never continue playing with a suspected concussion. Team Up Speak Up asks athletes to look out for their teammates when it comes to concussions.

To be a great teammate, learn the signs and symptoms of a concussion so that you know when a teammate needs help. Be on the lookout for these clues that something isn't right and speak up to a coach, athletic trainer, or team leader if you suspect your teammate might have a concussion. Learn more about signs and symptoms of concussion by clicking here.

Concussion Signs and Symptoms

Click here to learn the signs and symptoms of a concussion. 

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