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The CLF Research Registry

The CLF Research Registry comprises the Brain Donation Registry (BDR) and Clinical Research Registry (CRR). You may sign up for one or both.

Similar to organ donation, the pledge of one's brain is a precious gesture that helps others in a truly impactful way. Soccer icons Brandi Chastain and Michelle Akers, NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr., and former NFL star quarterback Matt Hasselbeck are among the more than 5,000 people who have taken the #MyLegacyPledge. Read more about brain donation here.

BDR members will receive a personalized brain donor card and informational brochure. CRR members will receive regular communications recruiting them to clinical research studies on concussions and CTE.

For imminent brain donation matters, please call the 24-hour emergency donation pager at 617.992.0615. For imminent brain donation matters in Australia, email SPORTS Brain Bank or call the 24-hour line (02) 8005 6891. For imminent brain donation matters in the UK, please call the emergency brain donation pager at +44 (0) 7534 029 223. 

If you would like more information about brain donation before selecting whether you'd like to pledge your brain for research, read these Frequently Asked Questions.

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Research Registry

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Basic Information
Use abbreviated state name (Ex. New York = NY)

If your service ENDED before 9/11/2001, select "Pre 9/11"

This could be where you attended, graduated, work, or have another connection
This could be where you attended, graduated, work, or have another connection
Exposure Information
This section asks about your history of brain trauma exposure. Complete this section to the best of your ability regarding your knowledge of the patient's brain injury history. You do not need to have experienced brain trauma in order to sign up for the Clinical Research Registry or Brain Donation Registry. We encourage you to sign up regardless of your brain trauma history.
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